Mover Truck Service You Might Find Useful

Mover Truck Service

Be sure to understand your moving company’s terms of service. Ask to see a sample bill of lading and ask your mover to explain options for liability protection.

Generally, movers charge extra for stairs or for hauling items long distances from the truck to your residence. Be sure to compare prices and services offered by several companies.


When shopping around for moving services, prices can quickly become confusing. It’s important to scrutinize quotes and look at the breakdown of charges, especially the base fee. In addition to this, consider any additional services or equipment required, including specialty tools, if needed.

Some companies provide packing services, which can reduce the time you spend on your move. These services are usually included in your total moving cost, but be sure to factor them in when calculating your budget. If you have a large amount of fragile items, it may be worth hiring professional packers to ensure their safety.

Other moving services include loading and unloading, which are typically less time-consuming tasks than packing and unpacking. You should also plan to factor in time for transportation, which will be based on how far your movers have to travel. If you’re planning to do your own transport, be sure to account for fuel costs, truck damage, environmental fees, and taxes.

It’s also important to check your mover’s credentials before hiring them. A reputable company should be registered with the FMCSA and have a U.S. Department of Transportation number for interstate moves, and a state license for local moves. In addition, a moving broker or mover should have proof of insurance to cover your belongings in case of any accidents or damage during transit.

Another option is to rent a moving container for your move. This service will deliver a large container to your home, which you can fill with your belongings. Once it’s full, the service will pick up the container and transport it to your new home. This is a great option for longer distances and can be significantly cheaper than hiring movers or renting a truck.

Be sure to shop around for the best deals on moving truck rental. Some companies, such as Penske, offer year-round discounts for specific groups, such as students, military members, and AAA members. They also run seasonal promotions for everyone, which can knock up to 10% off your rental price. Be sure to compare prices between different companies, including their mileage rates and the length of time they allow you to keep their vehicle.


The crews who work with moving trucks need to be available during the estimated delivery window. If you can’t be home during that time, they will charge you a fee to re-deliver the shipment or they may choose to leave your items at a local warehouse and try again another day. These re-delivery fees add up quickly.

If you want to avoid this hassle, you can purchase additional delivery options like expedited deliveries or exclusive truck use for an extra fee. You can also choose to buy full value protection, which will cover the cost of repair or replacement for any lost or damaged items.

Another option is U-Pack, which allows you to pack and lock your items in containers that they deliver on their own schedule to the new destination. This service is great for control freaks who like to stay in touch with their belongings throughout the entire journey. This service can be expensive, but it is highly reliable according to online reviews. You can find out more about pricing and features on the company’s website.


The flexibility of movers is one of the reasons why you should hire them for your next move. They can take care of packing, transporting, and unpacking for you, or you can opt to pack on your own and have them handle transportation only. You can also choose to only have them unpack your belongings, which is a task that should only take about an hour or two for them to finish.

The movers will scope out the area around both your old home and your new home to make sure that their large truck can get close enough to load and deliver your belongings. If not, then they will have to use a shuttle service with a smaller truck. This is common in cities with parking restrictions or other factors that prohibit the big trucks used by full service movers from accessing homes.


Whether your move is local or long-distance, you want to make sure your belongings are being transported by a reputable carrier. Ask friends, neighbors, and coworkers for recommendations. Also, contact a few movers to get estimates. It’s important to get an idea of how much it will cost to ship your belongings, including any labor charges and fees for fuel. In addition, ask about optional services, such as exclusive use of a truck for your shipment or an inventory-taking service.

A reputable mover will examine its trucks before using them, making sure they’re in good condition and have enough capacity to safely transport your belongings. If you are worried about damage or loss, ask for an expedited delivery or a guaranteed delivery service. This usually costs more, but it’s worth the extra peace of mind. It’s also a good idea to be available during your estimated delivery window. If you’re not there, a re-delivery fee will be charged or the truck may be forced to leave and try another day. A re-delivery can be very costly, especially on long-distance moves.